We offer instruction in the basic teachings of the Buddha, Vipassana (Insight Meditation) and Zen Koan practice as the core of our practice. Vipassana is one of the core meditation teachings of the Buddha and the foundation of all Buddhist meditation practice. This ancient method rests on the foundation of mindful awareness, that quality of direct knowing that sees without judgement and from which wise and compassionate actions arise. The basic method taught here is called Anapanasati (Full Awareness with Breathing) and is the approach taught by the Buddha in which mindful breathing is used to develop a calm, concentrated and wisely discerning mind which is then used to live with wisdom and compassion in daily life. We also strongly emphasize bringing this awareness into daily relationships, using what is arising in those relationships as a powerful means of self-knowing and liberation from suffering, conflict and discontent as well as as gateway to joy and deep peace. Many also find working with koans (brief wisdom teachings from the Chinese Chan tradition) to be one way of deepening and intensifying this practice.

You will find our form of practice to be simple and straightforward with an emphasis on practice and discussion and very minimal ritual. A typical evening practice group involves a sitting period of 30 - 40 min., followed by 10 min of walking meditation, another brief sitting period followed by discussion.

We offer a weekly practice group (Thursdays, 7 - 8:30pm) and monthly day-long or weekend retreats (and one week long retreat) All retreats are completely residential and take place at the home of Dan and Mary Gates located in a private and beautiful rural setting. Please see our Calendar for a schedule or contact us for details and direction.