Welcome to Empty Sky Sangha. We are a small diverse group who meet regularly for sitting and walking meditation practice, talks, discussion and retreats in West Cornwall, CT. What centers and holds us as a community is our exploration and appreciation of the Way of Awareness as both a formal practice and as a Way of daily living. The Buddha said that the most important part of the Triple Gem (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) is the Sangha, the group of spiritual friends who steadfastly and lovingly support and encourage each other in this great work of Liberation. We welcome beginners, seasoned veterans and anyone with interest in this Way of practice and living.
Shitou Xiquian was asked by his disciple Taowu, "What is the essential meaning of the Buddha Dharma?" Shitou replied, "No gaining, no knowing." Taowu asked again, "Is that all?" Shitou answered, "The vast and empty sky does not hinder the clouds from coming or going." (Found in Dogen's Commentary on Three Hundred Koans)